Odin's Lullaby

Nicholas James Thomasma
Nicholas James Thomasma


Dedicated to Odin McDougall I wrote this song at Blissfest 2009. I only went to Blissfest because my friends Buck and Angie bought me a ticket. In exchange I agreed to babysit their son on Saturday night. He slept soundly while I sang quietly just outside the tent. Late into the evening he awoke and I held him in my arms singing him back to sleep. It was a powerfully moving experience. In the morning these words were scribbled on the back of a pack of guitar strings. The Players: NJT - Vocals and Guitar Greg Baxter - Music Box


Go to sleep, little baby, go to sleep. . . Mom and Daddy love you so much, and I do too. . . Go to sleep, little baby, go to sleep. . . Goodnight.