Second Chance

Nicholas James Thomasma
Nicholas James Thomasma


When I presented this song to my ex girlfriend as a possible duet she frowned, shook her head, glared at me and said nothing. It was written during the Blue Feather recording sessions but never made it to the recording studio. It may have been lost forever except shortly after I wrote it my Mom told me she liked it. I'm still not sure why, all I know is you gotta listen to your Momma when she tells you something's good! The Players: NJT - Vocals, Harmonica and Guitar Jen Wilson - Vocals Pete Weaterhead - Pedal Steel Guitar Joe VanAcker - Upright Bass Nathan Kalish - Drums Jen Wilson gave me chills the first time she sang the harmony for me. Its an honor to have her on this album.


With Tabs!: C I've got a notebook and a pen, Am A bottle of whiskey and a bottle of gin, G And a second chance to screw it up again If I'da just used my cellular phone Then I wouldn't be alone And maybe you'd let me come back home F C Take my hand Don't let me go Am G Let me know That you're my best friend C Am And if you do I promise you F G C I will never let go again You said you couldn't go to bed Cause you were worried I was dead And I'll admit that I was in over my head Well it may be hard to believe But this is not how I want to be I want to be what I see when I see you look at me Chorus I think I've finally realized That it's not what's between your thighs It's the loving look I only see when I look in your eyes So let me apologize for all of my previous lies And I promise tonight that I'll be home before sunrise Chorus x 2