Who Cares?

Nicholas James Thomasma
Nicholas James Thomasma


The Players: NJT - vocals, guitar and opinions Greg Baxter - Bass, Organ Nathan Kalish - Drums


There's a whole lot of people trying to tell me whats right And they could go on for days with no end in sight But there's two side to the story so I just let 'em fight. And I try my best to listen all day, If attention is the currency it's the only way I can pay, But it's so hard to listen to folks who aint got nothing to say, Yet it's amazing how they seem to be able to talk all day. Cause he says you're right, and she says you're wrong, And they're both looking at me cause I'm the one singing the songs today I'd be alright just sittin in the back, pickin this guitar and wearin black, But if you really wanna know, Jack, what I have to say. . . Well then listen up. . . Am I the only one who cares? Here's some facts that I learned from the news, The world is full of violence, repression and abuse, And there's drug dealers and crack heads and whores on the loose. And the pill poppers are everywhere. These days there's a pill for this and a pill for that, This one'll make you skinny and that one'll make you fat, And most folks take so many they can't keep track. Most folks don't care. They blindly follow the orders that the doctors give, Because they went to med school so they should know how to live, But don't forget, a doctors education is in medication. So here I am spending my wages On experimental medication that has not been tested by the ages, And yet all I seem to have is more and more ills. . . And more and more bills. . . And more and more pills. . . And I'm starting to wonder. . . Am I the only one who cares? When's the last time you spent the whole day outside No watch no cell phone nothing to tell you what time Just you, the breeze, the leaves, the trees and the glory all around. When's the last time you listened to the breeze, Or watched the sun set slowly through the trees Or took a walk in the park just to look at the leaves on the ground When's the last time you watched the sun set, Then stayed up again to watch the sunrise? Don't you wonder what thats like sometimes? When's the last time you walked around barefoot outside? Don't you think that's important? I'm so confused and it's hard to understand, But I'm just trying to be honest, and be a hard working man, Because I want to be healthy and live as long as I can. Don't you? Don't you?