Worries of the Wandering Traveler

Nicholas James Thomasma
Nicholas James Thomasma


This is the oldest song on the record. It was written for someone I loved very much but simply could not be with. Just after writing this song I moved to North Carolina. I've been carrying this song around for a long time and am glad it finally found a home on this album. I still sing her songs sometimes. . . The Players: NJT - Vocals and Guitar Joe VanAcker - Upright Bass Mark "Huggy Bear" Lavengood - Dobro


There's a wind that calls my name, And when she beckons I must go. For I'm the wandering traveler, And I'm searching for my home. And when the sirens sings she whispers in my ear, I rise up and I follow the path that she makes clear, And when I finally find her, her songs I'll sing sincere, And I go when she cries. . . Into the sky. I thought that you should know, These things of who I am; The worries of the wanderer, Of the roaming ramblin man. I've seen the sky of blue and I've seen the ocean black, I've been to Devils Den and I'd gladly go back, And everything I need to live it fits inside my backpack, And soon enough I'll ride. . . Into the sky. Now honey understand, I'm not running from you. I know you can't come with me but this is what I've gotta do. You know I'd like to stay but I must be moving on, We haven't had enough time but I've been here far too long. I'll write you letters every day and still I'll sing your songs. Even after a million miles. . . We ride in the same sky.