December 2010 Newsletter

Wow. November was a busy month. I attended Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters, created and uploaded 2 videos to YouTube while I was there, wrote 2 songs and one more after I came home. I managed to make it to northern MI three times. I played at Founders with Drew Nelson, played at Tanglefoot, in the Red Hydrant Press Studio to hundreds of new, smiling faces, played in the Traverse City area at the Lively Gardens House Concert Series and at the Bayview Grill in Frankfort. I met some amazing people from the east side of the state and as far away as Texas and got to see the legendary John Prine at the legendary State Theater in Kalamazoo. I had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving feast with my family in Fruitport. Oh, and I also recorded a new solo album. Yes. Really. Here it is. I'm proud to present to you Lone Star in the Northern Sky, a collection of home recordings. This is a group of songs that came together at or around Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters. I had an amazing time in Harbor Springs and was so inspired I decided to quickly record this collection of songs. Some of them are mine, some of them are not. The album is available for digital download here. If you want a CD you'll have to wait a while longer. The reason for this is simple. It takes longer to make CD's than it does to upload files to the web. So there you go. The CDs will be available on Dec. 18th. . . Dec. 18th - St. Nicholas James presents the 3rd Annual XXXMas party at The Hideout. More fun than an office Holiday party and cookies for everyone, just like at Grandmas.This year we will be doing a cookie potluck. Bake your favorites and bring 'em to share. There will be lots of cookies! Also, sit on Santa's lap, just like at the mall but waaaay less creepy! Or, waaaay more creepy. We'll see. . . Tell ol' St. Nick what you want for Christmas and see if he brings it to you. Smiles, laughs, photos and hugs encouraged. No Cover, but you gotta be 21. 9:00pm Emily Rae Lively (from Austin, TX) 9:35 NJT presents Lone Star in the Northern Sky 10:30 Jen Wilson 11:15 St. Nicholas James and the Holiday Allstars Dec. 23rd - Nicholas James with Mark Lavengood present The Night Before The Night Before Christmas at One Trick Pony. We'll be sharing stories and songs, old and new with some holiday favorites mixed in as well. It is always a joy to play with Huggy Bear and I'm thrilled to have another opportunity to coexist and create with such a wonderful human being. Check out I'm going to try and relax a little more than normal during the winter months this year. Ordinarily I'd have a busy tour schedule of bars and restaurants on the calendar. Instead I'll only be playing a handful of shows this winter. I'm feeling very creative lately and want to spend the winter months writing and recording. I'm planning on recording another album with the band in a few months, which I consider to be the official follow up to Barefoot. Hopefully that will be available next summer. Until then I hope you enjoy Lone Star in the Northern Sky. Hey. I did this. Check it out. Don't forget: Every Monday Open Mic at Z's. . . Every Tuesday Open Mic at Founders. . . And coming in January: January 21st - Salt of the Earth (Fennville) Much Love, Nicholas James