Lone Star in the Northern Sky to be released on Dec. 1st

Grand Rapids, MI "It had to happen," says Grand Rapids based singer songwriter Nicholas James Thomasma about his new album, Lone Star in the Northern Sky. "It just came out. I attended Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters in Harbor Springs, during the first weekend in November and came home with a whole new set of songs." Thomasma wrote 2 songs while he was there, picked up a Rolling Stones cover, and learned a couple of songs by the band VAST. He also learned a song written that weekend by Michigan born, Texas based songwriter Emily Rae Lively. "I realized after performing at Open Mic that these songs were an album, and that I should record them immediately." "I've been wanting to record a solo acoustic album." Thomasma went on to say about his new release. "I love my band but I play solo acoustic a lot and wanted and album to show that side of what I do." He purchased a Mac earlier this year and recently installed ProTools which has enabled him to record at home. The album has a much more stripped down feeling than Barefoot, Thomasma's previous release, which featured a who's who cast of musicians including Nathan Kalish, Mark "Huggy Bear" Lavengood, Pete Weatherhead and Bruce Ling among others. "My producer has been pushing for a full band record, which we will begin working on early next year. This satisfies my need for a solo disc without sidetracking us from our plans to record the follow up to Barefoot." Thematically Lone Star in the Northern Sky chronicles a romance that wasn't meant to be. It's not a concept album, but rather a strange coincidence of songs that happened to come together throughout the course of a weekend. "I think it's all in there. I don't really need to say much about what happened up north. It just happened. These songs are a part of that now." After returning home from Lamb's Retreat the ambitious songwriter joined a group called Hometapers, whose sole focus is, you guessed it, home recordings. The rules are simple. Record an album at home during November and upload it onto the Hometapers website by the end of the month. It doesn't have to be original material. It doesn't have to be better than anyone else's. There is no prize. It's simply a website for people who like to record music at home. Nik saw this as the perfect way to release his new album. Hometapers provided an immediate deadline and release date. Lone Star in the Northern Sky will be available to download on Dec 1st at www.NicholasJamesThomasma.com or at www.hmtpng.com In addition to the online release a limited number of CD's will be burned and released on Dec. 18th at the Hideout Brewing Company's 3rd annual XXXMas Show. The concert will feature a complete performance of Lone Star in the Northern Sky followed by a showcase of holiday classics performed by The Nicholas James All-Star Holiday Band. Additionally, Nicholas James will be performing at the One Trick Pony on Dec. 23rd. For more info: on NJT - www.NicholasJamesThomasma.com on Hometapers- www.HMTPNG.com on Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters - www.Springfed.org on XXXMas at the Hideout - www.HideoutBrewing.com on One Trick Pony - www.onetrick.biz/home.html