October 2010 Newsletter

- The Twisted Rooster with The Weatherheads. 1600 E. Beltline. Pete and Barb Weatherhead will be my backup band at this new, mostly organic, locally oriented restaurant. Pete has been playing pedal steel, fiddle and guitar with me for a while now. He's a joy to have next to me on stage and I'm thrilled to welcome his better half to keep us in check on the bass. You may have seen her with Nobody's Darlin before or with Bill Bennett and Tom Davis in Pete and Barbs band, The Weatherheads. We'll be singing some of my new tunes, some of my old tunes, some of Pete and Barbs tunes and some tunes out of Rise Up Singing that you can sing along to. Show starts at 9pm. www.twisted-rooster.com It's nice to see the leaves turning color and the sky so playfully dramatic. There is something special that happens this time of year. The squirrels are more active and daring than they have been all season. Suddenly the green tomatoes still hanging from the vine in my garden seem a lot more appetizing to the little woodland creatures that frolic about in my neighborhood. And I made the mistake of leaving a bag of garbage out overnight unprotected. . . Whoops. Well, at least some little furry thing got to enjoy my organic refuse. I live in a small house with a fairly big back yard that has a fire pit. It's all fenced in for privacy and the neighbors never bother me. There is an apartment complex next door and a great big woods that stretches all the way to Richmond Park, a beautiful park on the westside with basketball and tennis courts, baseball fields, a public pool (with magic mushrooms!) a duck pond, a sledding hill and lots of trails through the woods all accessible from my house. It's pretty cool. You should come over. Friday, Oct. 15th - Lets Burn One in my Back Yard 8pm till ??? - Yup. I'm having a keg party. There will be a keg of Founders IPA and a fire that should burn into the wee hours of the morning. Please feel free to come and say hello and see where I dwell and create. Please bring chairs (seriously), instruments, a copy of Rise Up Singing, a good attitude, and a friend or a loved one. I'll have some fresh Michigan apple cider on hand too. And somebody better bring some whiskey. . . Email me for directions. Sat. Oct 16th - Blanford Nature Centers Harvest Party - I've been going to this event off and on since I was a little kid. I love Blanford and what it is for our community. The volunteers are amazing people with so much knowledge. If you've never been to Blanford Nature Center before I suggest you come to this. It is the nature center in full glory. The Metal Shop will be open, as will the one room schoolhouse and the gift shop. You can buy maple syrup that they make right there in the sugar shack. There will be hay rides and walks on the nature trails through the forest in its full autumnal glory. Music will be provided by Jon Cooch, The Folkspinners, Badenya (percussion ensemble, 2nd prize winner of the Z's Open Mic Starving Artist Contest), B Side Growlers, The Porters (featuring Pete and Barb Weatherhead), Adam Esner and will be hosted by Gef Lamden (glorious extrordinairre). The event goes from 10 - 5 and costs $5. I play at 3. www.blanfordnaturecenter.org Tuesday, Oct 19th - WYCE's Fall Fund Drive 10:30am - I'll be swinging by the WYCE studios to play some tunes and share the love for WYCE. They really are the greatest little radio station on the planet. They play a mix of folk, blues, jazz, world, rock, hip hop and country, and of course, they play a lot of local music, including mine. We are blessed to have such a wonderful community melting pot of music. Please help keep them on the air by donating whatever you can at www.wyce.org Every little bit counts. You'll be happy to know that I've been a very busy boy lately and have several new tunes that I've written over the past month or two. No plans to head into the studio yet but it likely will happen this winter. Thank you for your continued support. You can't imagine how good it makes me feel to see your smiling face each and every time. . . Don't forget: Every Monday Open Mic at Z's. . . Every Tuesday Open Mic at Founders. . . And in November. . . Nov 4, 5 and 6 - Lambs Retreat for Songwriters Nov 19th - Tanglefoot Much love, Nicholas James