Scholarship from Wheatland

Great news! I have been awarded a scholarship from the Wheatland Music Organization to attend Lambs Retreat for Songwriters in November. Wheatland is an amazing cultural organization with their main focus being the preservation of traditional arts. Each year they hold several events including a traditional arts weekend and a music festival that draws around 13,000 people. I found out about Lambs Retreat for Songwriters from J. Oscar Bittenger, who spoke about it at the Winters Tune concert that he organizes and I played at last December. Host John D. Lamb has been running this retreat for songwriters for 12 years at the Birchwood Inn in Harbor Springs, MI. I will arrive on Thursday and be given a topic or scenario from which I have 2 days to write a song about. There are instructors to help and a staff concert on Saturday night. The event is sponsored by Blissfest Music Organization. I've been writing songs since I was in 4th grade. The idea here is to get better. I love this. I love making music and want to get better and better all the time. I think being "forced" to write a song and "forced" to step outside my box will be very beneficial for me as a songwriter. And I'm guaranteed to come home with a new song! check out these links: