St. Louis

I'm sitting in my friends backyard enjoying the birds chirping at watching the airplanes fly overhead. My friends live right near the St. Louis airport so it's common to see jumbo jets alongside biplanes dodging helicopters. It's fun, sure, but even my city friends have decided this is too close to the city for them. Eventually they want to own a farm with 12 sheep and 7 dogs. They've got one baby on the way and I assume they'll have a whole baseball team of kids by the time they get that farm up to speed. I'm gonna milk the goats and make cheese for them someday. . . . . .Or maybe not. Life is funny that way. Folks that want to farm end up in big cities like St. Louis while farm kids that dream of the bright lights of Broadway get married and have tractors before they can buy smokes. It is my belief, however, that we choose our own lives and that we create the world we wish to live in. I mean, sure, I didn't create St. Louis. But I did create the path that led me here. I could just as easily have been a banker with a family at this point, or a farmer nestled next to an airport. But I'm not. I'm a traveling musician. I am what I always said I would be. I did that. You can too. Live. Love. Laugh. Everyday.