TV, Books, Radio and the Newspaper. . . my mom will be so proud!

Hey look who was in the paper this morning!

I've got a big week ahead of me. Tomorrow morning I'll be heading downtown to perform on eightWest as part of their Valentines Day show. The shows airs locally on WOOD TV 8 at 11am. I'll be there representing WYCE and promoting the Jammie Awards which are this Tuesday. Paul Geoghan will accompany me on bass for the television performance. Then, on Tuesday, get ready for the biggest night of music of the whole year, the 2011 WYCE Jammie Awards at the Intersection. You'll find me hosting the front room all night and The Bandwagon will be performing at 8:35. Don't miss us. It will be the most powerful 15 minute show we've ever played. Promise made. WYCE has been playing both of my records quite a bit lately. Make sure you send them some love and tell them that you appreciate what they do.

And on Friday I'll be playing a rare solo acoustic show. I know a lot of people see me play solo acoustic at open mic night. This will be different. Schulers provides a different environment and atmosphere than any open mic ever could. There are more to these songs than just melody. Come to Schulers on Friday. I will be sharing what else they have to offer, where they came from and maybe who they are about. I'll also be previewing songs from my upcoming album with the Bandwagon as well as featuring songs from Lone Star in the Northern Sky.