What is Kickstarter.com?

I've been looking into this Kickstarter.com thing. It's totally legit. Kickstarter.com is making creative projects a reality for starving artists. The website promotes creative people and helps people fund their creative projects. Anything from documentaries to autobiographies to sock puppets to CDs. One girl is even sailing around the world in a boat funded by people like you and I through Kickstarter.

The Bandwagon will be doing a Kickstarter project in June. We're gonna try to raise $2100 in 21 days to finish our new album, Saturday Night. I found this video that really sums up what Kickstarter is all about. And below that are some great Kickstarter projects that I have supported. Thank you in advance. . . :

Seth and May traveled to Africa and made an album about it. I helped!:

and here's one for a vegetarian restaurant thats still in progress:

and my dear friends The Crane Wives: