Front Porch

Nicholas James and the Bandwagon
Nicholas James Thomasma


Front Porch G A I'm hanging out on my front porch, having a good time Bm C I'm looking out for the world as it spins and it twirls D C G From the little front porch that's mine The neighbor across the street is grilling out The neighbors next door they're chilling out Their kids are in the yard they're playing a game And I can hear what they're saying: “Ring ring around the rosie, Gotta pocket full of posey, Ashes ashes we all fall down.” And all the neighbors are gathering around Chorus The neighbor down the road is mowing his lawn, I like to leave mine just a little bit long I like to see the pretty flowers bloom I like to put them in each and every room. Most of all I like the sunshine A cup of coffee in the morning time The birds are singing Amazing Grace Man I love this place