Sweet Lovin' Hippie Mama

Nicholas James and the Bandwagon
Nicholas James Thomasma


Sweet Lovin Hippie Mama capo2 G C Gotta find a sweet loving hippie mama to say I love you everyday G D Gotta find a sweet loving hippie mama to take these blues away Em With a patchwork skirt and a flower in her hair, C Down by the seaside, she's waiting there G She's my sweet loving hippie mama D G And she will be mine C G With her hear wide open, tattoos exposed D G She's meditating in the lotus pose C G When she saw me it was as if she knew D she said where you been I've been looking for you (Chorus) C G She's radiant, hasn't bathed in days D G The sun has left a glow on her face C G with love in her eyes she says hello D and we fall in love dancing to the show (Instrumental) (Bridge) C Em we could buy a bus, live inside Bm A travel around the countryside C we could work on farms Em make enough to eat A D love is all we really neeeeed (Chorus)