Early Retirement Tour 2019!


It's a snow day here in Michigan so I figured this was the perfect time to announce my upcoming Florida Tour in January 2019. I've always dreamed of going to Florida in the winter (I guess it's a Michigan thing) and I've heard over and over again that I'd be great in Key West, so here we go. Hey Florida! I'm coming your way!

I'm proud to announce that in January I'll be fulfilling yet another lifelong goal of traveling to Florida in the winter. I always thought you had to be rich or retired (or both) to go to Florida. Well, I will probably never be rich and I might not ever retire so I had to figure out another way. Touring!

Shout out to Twin Finnegan's and Kapua Kava Bar for having me on Jan 11th and 12th. Do you know anyone in Cocoa Beach or Fort Myers? Send them my way!

Jan 11th - Nicholas James Thomasma at Twin Finnegan's
Jan 12th - Nicholas James Thomasma at Kapua Kava Bar
Jan 13th - Busking in Key West, FL
Jan 14th - Busking in Key West, FL
Jan 15th - Busking in Key West, FL

Have you ever been to Florida? What should I do while I'm there?!


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