Creston Songteller Sessions - Birthday Edition!

Join us tonight for the Creston Songteller Sessions with my dear friends Megan Dooley and Mark "Huggy Bear" Lavengood.  It's my birthday.  All I request is your presence.  No presents please. ;)


Recording Update

I spent some time at Second Story Sound yesterday with Phil Tomasello working up drum tracks for a couple of the new tunes.  You can see from the photo that Greg Baxter is cracking the whip (as usual!)

Hippie New Year!

I always like to look back on Woody's Rulin's this time of year.  Here's to 2018!


More Dates Added!

 I'm pretty busy this Summer and am constantly adding more dates and shows to the calendar.  I'm booking now for Fall and Winter.  Let me know where you'd like to see me!  Check back often for updates and to see…

Pop-Up Performances!

It's busking season!  What is busking?  Busking is the art of street performance.  I open up my case, get my guitar out and start playing.  Sometimes people throw money in the case.  That's busking.  In Grand Rapids, we have a…

10th Annual Tribute to Bob Dylan at Founders Brewing Co.

Announcing the lineup for the 10th Annual Tribute to Bob Dylan at Founders Brewing Co.

The Legal Immigrants

I Believe in Julio

Deerfield Run

The Barbarossa Brothers

Ralston Bowles

Brother Adams

Hosted by Nicholas James Thomasma

No Cover.  Starts at…


The Slow Lane

The lovely ladies at EightWest invited me onto their show to sing a song and talk a little about my road trip.  The working title for the new song is The Slow Lane.  Enjoy!


I'm home!

I made it!  I'm home!

It was only supposed to be a month long road trip, but after breaking down in the San Francisco Bay area for 2 weeks I was actually gone for just under 6 weeks.  It took…