1. Lone Star

From the recording Saturday Night


Lone Star (in the Northern Sky)

"You'd better not come to Texas if you want to stay alive
If I see you near my property again you wont survive"
If you're gonna walk on another mans land
Don't be surprised when you see him with a gun in his hand

They say don't mess around with Texas and I didn't mean to
None of this was ever part of the plan but there was nothing I could do

The sign said no trespassing but I did it anyway
The letters were written in diamonds and gold so I made no plans to stay
I'll jump the fence and drink from the river and climb back out again
No harm, no foul, no damage done to another mans land

How was I supposed to know that I'd fall in love
What was I supposed to do? She loved me too
How was I supposed to know? I didn't think
I'd leave my footprints in the sand on the riverbank

"You'd better not come to Texas if you want to stay alive. . ."