1. Saturday Night

From the recording Saturday Night

Festivals in the summertime. . .


The bullfrogs bellow and the sun is yellow and it just keeps going around,
Children are singing and the bells are ringing and everybody's dancing to the sound,
Put your feet on the ground, come on down, there's gonna be some dancing tonight,
Everyone will be there so make sure you bring a lawn chair, it's a party here on Saturday night.
Saturday night,
Saturday night,
They come from all around to listen to the sound of the band on Saturday night.

Mama's in the kitchen but she's switching what she's fixing cause we can't wait for the pot to roast,
We got a whole loaf of bread and two dozen eggs so everybody's having french toast,
Barndog called for bacon, we were makin' Shake and Bake and so we let that piggly wiggly squiggle fry,
How 'bout some sweet potato fries and some homemade apple pie? No one goes hungry here on Saturday night.
Saturday night,
Saturday night,
Kin folk they come together then they have a big ol' dinner then they sing a song on Saturday night.

Joey Plays the banjo but he doesn't like Daniel so they wont play on the same song,
But Daniel plays the fiddle like a genius solves a riddle so it's such a shame that they don't get along,
So I came up with a plan to help them understand that the music will make everything alright,
I'm gonna put em in a room and make em play a tune, we're all family here on Saturday night.
Saturday night,
Saturday night,
Whatever you are feeling let the music do the healing have some fun on Saturday night.

Brother Bear he takes the photos and Seth he plays the solos and Daisy May is singing us a song,
When the musics all gone you've got to shine on and everybody's singing along,
Monkeypants is gonna dance and Sunchilds gonna ask if everyone is feeling alright,
You know Buck is gonna smile and glow for a while and shine on Saturday night.
Saturday Night,
Saturday Night,
Have a little jamboree with my big ol' family every single Saturday night.

Hop on the Bandwagon, everybody's havin' fun on Saturday night.