1. Walk on Wine

From the recording Saturday Night


Walk on Wine

Jesus walked on water, they say that this is true
If I could do the same thing let me tell you what I'd do
I'd turn that water into wine
I'd walk out to the middle and drop myself inside
If Jesus walked on water maybe I could walk on wine

It was just the other night at dinner with a friend
he said "are you a soldier, a christian to the end"
I though long and hard said I am a singer of songs
I ain't nobody's savior and I ain't righting no wrongs

He said do you believe in the stories of the Bible, son?
He said will you have a home when your race is run
I said if it's a race I will let you win
and maybe in heaven I will see you again

I thought about my friend as i drifted off in bed
Jesus was in my dream and this is what he said
"The temple lies within you whether or not you believe
He said don't worry son, you're alright with me"