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  1. No Man's Land

From the recording Rolling Home

No Man's Land is the first single from Rolling Home, the new album from Earthwork Music's VW Bus driving singer songwriter Nicholas James Thomasma. The song speaks of the author's longing for a relationship with a woman who has made it clear that she is doing fine on her own. It's not a song of rejection, but rather of hope. "If you love something, you let it be and if you love someone, you set them free." Hop on the bus and take a journey to No Man's Land!


She don't need anything
she's got everything she needs
She can do whatever she wants
She can do as she pleases
Nobody telling her what time to be home
She's doing fine out there on her own

She don't need no man to show her a good time
She's all on her own and she's doing fine
She don't need no man yet I'm waiting in this line
Waiting for a chance to make her mine

She travels the world in search of many things
One think she ain't looking for is a diamond on a ring
Some have asked others have tried
She's broken hearts and she can make a grown man cry

Ain't it funny how we want to own
See something beautiful you want to take it home
But if you love something let it be
If you love someone you set them free

I just want a chance that's all I ask
I've got plenty of time and I've got a whole tank of gas
I know that you're doing fine but there's something about you
That's got me wondering if there might be room for two