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Traveling around in a bright orange 1973 Volkswagen Bus, singer songwriter and Earthwork Music recording artist Nicholas James Thomasma combines stories and songs with humor and wit for a show that can be enjoyed by patrons of all ages.



The Bandwagon is the supporting cast that sometimes backs up Nicholas James Thomasma. When asked if the band played any honky-tonk, Pete Weatherhead slyly replied "Nope.  It's more like Hippie-Tonk." Get ready for good times ahead. Hop on the Bandwagon!

The Bandwagon is: 

Nicholas James Thomasma - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Pete Weatherhead - Pedal Steel, Fiddle, Harmonies

Alex Austin - Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin

Greg Baxter - Guitar, Production

Dan Hildebrandt - Bass

Brandon Pratt - Drums



"Singer-songwriter Nicholas James Thomasma is a Grand Rapids native and a Michigander to the core. He even has the Great Lakes tattooed on his arm and professes real love for the region in earthy, country-imbued songs drenched in honesty and authenticity. Thomasma also happens to be a supremely talented singer" - John Sinkevics, Local Spins

"Thoughtful, heartfelt songs, drawn from his life, played in this intimate setting: I found it very appealing and affecting. This is a man who loves his avocation, his vocation, and his city.” -Chad Wedeven, Stolen Wallpaper


Ain't Never - Solo Acoustic - Live at Ed Dunneback and Girls Farm

Official Video for Bus Life - Nicholas James and the Bandwagon

Eighteen - Nicholas James and the Bandwagon - Performed Live at Founders Brewing Co.

Official Video for Johnny Appleweed - Nicholas James and the Bandwagon - Animated by Matt Rasch

Click here to listen to Johnny Appleweed
Click here to listen to Bus Life


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