Nicholas James and the Bandwagon

What kind of music is it? That's not always as simple of a question as you would think it would be. The music falls somewhere in between folk and country with a solid dose of rock and the occasional reggae, cajun or world beat mixed in. 3 Part harmonies, dual electric guitars, pedal steel and fiddle all weave around the acoustic guitar and powerful lead vocals of frontman Nicholas James. We like to call it Hippie Tonk. Nicholas James and the Bandwagon have been performing at festivals, breweries, community concerts and theaters since 2010 and have released 2 original albums (Saturday NIght 2012 and Tall, Tall Tales, Earthwork Music 2016.)



"Singer-songwriter Nicholas James Thomasma is a Grand Rapids native and a Michigander to the core.  He even has the Great Lakes State tattooed on his arm and professes real love for the region in earthy, country-imbued songs drenched in honesty and authenticity.  Thomasma also happens to be a supremely talented singer. . ."  - John Sinkevics, The Grand Rapids Press


"He's everywhere, as an artist, a supporter of fellow musicians, and a community member.  Kind, approachable, thoughtful and passionate, he is the embodiment of that socially conscience songwriter with a guitar strapped to his back." - Juliet Bennet Rylah, Revue Magazine.


"Saturday Night is a solid representation of Michigan alt country. The standards, along with harmonica, pedal steel, fiddle, upright bass, banjo, and accordion fill out the twelve tracks beautifully. The catchy title track kicks off the album, fit for a summer BBQ." - Nicole Corley On-The-Town Magazine


"If you love country music and loud Saturday nights, don't miss Nicholas James & The Bandwagon" - Courtney Erndt, Recoil Magazine



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