1. Farmers Stand

From the recording Saturday Night


Farmers Stand

I'm goin down to the farmers stand
gonna give my money to a working man
feeding his family the best he can
by growing my food on his land

I'm gonna get some food to eat
some taters and some celery
boy oh boy I love my beets
especially grown locally

Sittin all day in the farmers stand
working on his farmers tan
with a big ol smile he shakes my hand
and i say hello to the farming man

Corn and greens and squash and beans
and the biggest taters you've ever seen
When it's grown organically
it's better for your family

I see a sign as I'm driving down the street
sweet cherries 50 feet
pull over to the farmers stand
say hello to the farming man

Reading a book to pass the time
Watching all the cars drive by
some of them stop and say hello
they buy some food and then they go

I think Mother nature knows
more than Monsanto
hormones and GMO's
is not how to make things grow